What's involved in joining Woodlawn Chapel?

Persons may enter into active church membership in the following ways: by profession of faith, reaffirmation of faith in Jesus Christ, or transfer of membership from some other church. Those who wish to join participate in a membership orientation meeting with the pastor and are received by the Session (governing board).  The Session encourages everyone to be welcomed publicly as a visible sign of our shared covenant of faith. 

Those who are interested in joining should contact the pastor to arrange a meeting with the Session.

Those who join upon profession of faith are persons who have never been a member of church before.  Those joining upon reaffirmation of faith are persons who were previously active members of a church, but are no longer currently active or are members of a church which does not grant certificates of transfer. Those who are active members of a church who wish to have their membership transferred join upon certificate of transfer. In each category, we celebrate the gifts and graces the individual brings to the church. Youth who wish to join upon profession of faith may participate in Confirmation Class, usually held during the 8th grade year, or may participate in conversations with the pastor.


May I take communion?

Presbyterians welcome all who are baptized to the Lord's Table--regardless of your denomination.

We often use this as part of our invitation to communion: "Because there is one loaf, we who are many, are one body.  When we break the bread, is it not a sharing in the Body of Christ? When we give thanks over the cup, is it not a sharing in the blood of Christ?" When the bread has been broken and the cup shared, the minister may turn to the congregation and say, "The gifts of God for the people of God."


I'm new to your denomination. Who can be an elder?

In our denomination, men and women are both ordained to service as ministers, elders, and deacons.  Elders serve on the Session (the governing board) for three year terms and are elected by the congregation.  Likewise, Deacons are also elected by the congregation and serve three year terms in the compassionate and mission oriented ministries of the church. According to our church's Form of Government, the Session and Board of Deacons must reflect the diversity of ages, sexes, and backgrounds of our congregation.  For more information, visit the website of the Presbyterian Church (USA).


Can I schedule at wedding at Woodlawn?

Yes. Members and non-members are invited to use Woodlawn Chapel for their wedding.

Please contact the church for more information regarding fees, scheduling, and policies at (636) 458-3009, ext. 221. Please note: nonmembers may not schedule weddings more than six months in advance.  Our sanctuary seats 150 persons comfortably.


How do I schedule a baptism?

Baptisms of either adults or children are acts of public worship, and are scheduled by contacting the pastor.  Celebrations of the sacrament of baptism are authorized by the Session, and are normally scheduled at the mutual convenience of the church and parents or individual.  As part of the preparation for baptism, the pastor will contact you to arrange a time to talk about the meaning of the sacrament and its importance in your journey of faith. 


Is Woodlawn Chapel part of a denomination?

Woodlawn Chapel is a congregation in the Presbyterian Church (USA), the largest Presbyterian denomination in the United States.  The PC (USA) has its denominational offices in Louisville, KY, and its website is www.pcusa.org.  Each congregation elects women and men to serve as elders and deacons.  Elders serve terms on the church's board, or Session, which is the local church's governing body.  Deacons serve in ministries of compassionate witness, providing for those in need and caring for families in emergencies.  Both women and men are ordained as ministers of the Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (USA).